2015 District NAP Finals and Dates

The North American Pairs (NAP) competition is a great opportunity for players to compete in a major competition at the District level and win substantial subsidies to represent District 19 in the National NAP Finals at the 2016 Spring NABC in Reno, NV.  Recently, the District’s NAP Finals have been held in conjunction with a late fall sectional tournament in BC and WA in alternating years.  For the 2015 Finals we have taken a different approach.  We scheduled the event such that it is de-conflicted from tournaments within the District, the idea being that players will have the opportunity to play both in the NAP Finals and in all sessions of traditional sectional tournaments.  The location of this year’s NAP Finals, Mt. Vernon, WA, and session start times, were selected to facilitate same-day commuting from both the Vancouver and Seattle areas.  We believe players will find the venue, the Skagit PUD #1 Aqua Room, to be an attractive and comfortable facility. It is conveniently located just off Interstate 5, with ample handy parking and numerous nearby dining establishments.  We hope our players will have a great experience at the NAP Finals!

For more details about the site and schedule, check out the flyer here.

For conditions of contest look here.

New SUN / Unit and District Board Member Needed!

The new Seattle Unit Newsletter is available here.

As only three people ran for the unit board, they have all been added. However this means we still need a fourth new member. If you are interested, please read the instructions in the SUN!

Also we need to appoint a new person to represent Seattle on the District 19 Board, starting in January. Information on that position is also in the SUN.