2018 Unit Trifecta Series

Below are details about each of the games in this year's trifecta series.  For more information about any of our unit trifecta games, send mail to unitgames@bridgeinseattle.org.


IMP Pairs

Date: Sunday, 20 May 2018 **NOTE DATE CHANGE**
Time & Location: 1pm, Seattle Bridge Center (map)

An IMP Pairs event is played like a regular pair event but is scored in a totally different way. A basic score is set for each board—usually an average of all the scores compiled on that board. Sometimes the top and bottom scores are eliminated before the average is taken so that extreme scores will have less impact on the average. Then your score is algebraically compared with the average and translated into International Matchpoints (IMPs) according to the IMP formula. The IMP scale is printed on the ACBL convention card.


Eight is Enough Swiss Teams

Date: Sunday, 17 June 2018 **NOTE DATE CHANGE**
Time & Location: TBA

"Eight is Enough" is a one-session Swiss Team event that is gaining popularity across the ACBL in clubs and units. The rules tend to even out the experience factor among teams and therefore make a more competitive event. In this event, a team may have no more than 8 points, where A players are worth 3 points, B players 2 points, and C players 1 point. Stratifications for A/B/C will be announced and posted here in advance of the game. (Event stratifications will be set based on average masterpoints of the team.)

Fast Pairs

Date: Sunday, 28 October 2018
Time & Location: TBA

In a Fast Pairs game, instead of the usual seven to eight minutes allowed to play each board, the game is set up so that boards must be completed in five minutes. This means you'll get done faster and get home earlier!