Sectional Entry Fees

Our entry fees for events cover ACBL fees and the costs of running a sectional, including but not limited to hiring director(s), renting or buying equipment (boards, tables, etc.), renting a playing site, on-site insurance, janitorial services, and hospitality (snacks, coffee, etc.).  You do not need to pre-register; registration and payment is on-site. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the session to buy your entry.

Amount to be paid per person per session:

  • Adult (age 26+) ACBL member: $10

  • Youth ACBL member (under 18): $1

    • Youth non-members may play one session during a single tournament at the reduced fee.

  • Junior ACBL member (18-25): $5

    • Junior non-members may play one session during a single tournament at the reduced fee.

  • Non-ACBL members: $13 ($3 surcharge, applicable through 2/28/18)

    • Effective 3/1/18, a $4 surcharge will apply to those ACBL members whose membership fees are not current.  Non-ACBL members will be required to join on an annual basis or join on a new temporary one-month membership for $7.99, except for charity events or events limited to players with fewer than 20 masterpoints, and except for active members of the American Bridge Association.

Note that games that are specified as “Grass Roots Day” are an additional $1 per person per session. This $1 supports the district's grass roots fund and is applicable to all entry fees specified above as well as free play coupons awarded by the unit.  Note also that if the flyer specifies "lunch for an additional fee", that amount is not included in the totals given above.

Cash is the preferred payment method for event entry fees. Credit cards are not accepted.

Entry fees are subject to change. This page was last updated on 12 February 2018.