You've tried puzzle rooms.  You played MTG.  Dominion is gathering dust on your shelf. It's time to try something new.  Bridge is one of the few games that the computers haven't mastered yet.  Each hand is a puzzle, and it's both cooperative and competitive. 

Duplicate Bridge, the form of the game played by ACBL players and at the clubs and events advertised on this site, discounts the element of chance and makes this card game into a strategic challenge.  Each 2-person team (called a partnership) plays the same cards as every other 2-person team.  The winner is the partnership that played the cards the best.  Unlike games like Rummy, Poker, and even CCGs, luck of the draw won't get in your way. 

Below are some resources to help you get started with what will be the greatest game you'll ever play and the only puzzle you'll ever need.  We look forward to seeing you at an event.



Learn To Play (Or IMprove Your Game)

Online/On Your Own

  • Web-based Learn Bridge App:  This web-based "Learn to Play" app helps you learn Bridge by playing interactively, from the comfort of your home or office.  There are modules which get progressively harder, making this a great tool to improve or reinforce Bridge concepts as well as learning the game initially.
  • Downloadable Learn To Play Bridge software (Windows only):  While this software is older and only works on Windows devices, it has been used by millions of players to start the game. There are two programs available, and the second (LTPB2) is great for bringing your game to the next level. 

Classes & Lessons

  • Find a Teacher:  There are beginner Bridge classes throughout our area.  Use this link to find a teacher near you!
  • Learn Bridge In A Day:  Learn Bridge in A Day® is five-hour concentrated course that helps both true beginners, as well as those returning to bridge after long absences. The course includes both class instruction and coached play and is offered in many locations

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