07/05/2016 Results

Thanks for coming to tonight's game. Please remember to treat not just your opponents courteously, but also your partners. I think lately we've been getting a bit too far away from the ACBL's zero tolerance for rude behavior at the table policy, and we're going to try to swing the pendulum back the other way a bit. If your partner, your contract, or your play disappoints you, save it for the post mortem, and spare your opponents, please.

Kim and Chris barely eeked out first place tonight with a shamefully low 70%. Galen managed to drag Nick to first place E/W. Because it was an NAP qualifer, we weren't allowed to adjust the strats like we usually do, so we weren't able to create a C strat.

Regular game next week. Don't forget we have a Seattle sectional in two weeks.

Full results are available here.

Common game results are available here.