Results 2/10/15

Thanks for coming to tonight's game. Next weekend is a club championship - same price, no extra money! Come join us for a fun game.

Also, we have two tournaments coming up - this weekend is the Sweetheart Sectional at Vasa Park, and there's a 0-500 Non-Life Master tournament coming up in Shoreline the weekend of March 7/8. Tell your new-to-bridge friends - we'd love to have them play in a really fun, friendly event.

Congratulations to tonight's winners! N/S-- A and B: Brian Delfs and Jen Chalfan C: Bil Campbell and Joel Fuhrman

E/W-- A and B: Shawn Abernethy and Brian Zaugg C: Chris Jarvis and Lak Lakshmanan

Full results are available here.