July 7 Results

Thanks for coming to tonight's game, and a special thanks to everyone who brought food or beverages to share.

Tonight's winners were Ray Miller and Jeff Ford. E/W winners were Brian Zaugg and Jen Chalfan. Flight B winners were Chris Jarvis and Chris Pesce. Flight C winners were Yuri Wiitala and Peiyush Jain.

Tonight we had a director call for a break in tempo. Here's a quick reminder about what to do when that happens. You can ask the partner of the person who broke tempo if they agree there was a pause. If they do, there is no need to involve the director until the end of the hand. If not, call right away so the director can establish the facts. If it was your partner that broke tempo, you can make normal bids, but if you have a choice between two options, and you can tell which one is likely to work because of the tempo break, you have to take the other one. These are hard situations to get right all the time - that's why we have directors.

Full results are available here.

Common game results are available here.