Unit Games

In addition to sectionals, our unit hosts several unit games during the year. Just like sectionals, anyone can play in these events, even if you're not in our unit. (Some events, like the Round Robin, are better suited for locals, though!)  Masterpoints are awarded for each event (including each individual game of the unit trifecta). You can download our 2018 schedule of events here (PDF).

Monthly Unit Games

NEW THIS YEAR! Visit the many wonderful clubs in the Seattle area and compete for special awards across this year-long series of games at clubs. Awards will be given for the following categories: Best Performance (average of best 3) in Open and NLM, Best Total Performance, and a special award if anyone manages to attend all 12 games.

Yarington memorial Round Robin

The Yarington Memorial Round Robin is the perfect event for players who enjoy competitive bridge in a more friendly, social setting. Each team participating will be placed in a bracket (determined by number of masterpoints) and will play a handful of matches against other teams. Your team gets to set its own schedule, within the open play period.

unit trifecta series

The Unit Trifecta series includes three unit games, scheduled on different dates throughout the year. The slate of events for 2018 includes "Eight is Enough" swiss teams, fast pairs, and IMP pairs. You can play in any one of the games or in all three. The individual player with the best averaged score across all three events will be selected as the year's trifecta series champion.


CaPtain's game

The Captain's Game is a great event for newer bridge players as well as anyone wanting to improve their game. Some of the best players in the unit will serve as team captains. They pick their team from all of the players who sign up. You play one round with each person on your team, so you get a chance to meet new players in the area and play with a highly rated player.

The 2018 date & reg deadline for the Captain’s Game is TBD. (Note that it is not being held on October 14th as previously posted due to a conflict with the D19 NAP B-strat qualifier.)