2017 Unit Trifecta Series

Below are details about each of the games in this year's trifecta series.  Please note that Barometer Pairs requires pre-registration. For the other events, no advance registration is required. For more information about any of our unit trifecta games, send mail to

Barometer Pairs

Pre-registration: Email by June 2nd.
Date: Sunday, 4 June 2017
Time: 1pm
Location: Eastside Bridge Center (map)

In a Barometer pairs game, all scores for a given set of boards are available as soon as the round is over. Each pair/partnership knows where they stand at all times, allowing for strategic play adjustments or simply understanding your performance throughout the event. Any given pair's results may rise or fall as the game goes on, hence the name "barometer."

Since this event requires a set of boards to be made for every table, it's very important we know who is coming so that we can make enough boards.  To sign up, please email or sign up at Eastside Bridge Center by June 2nd.

Mixed Pairs

Date: Sunday, 6 August 2017
Time: 1pm
Location: Seattle Bridge Center (map)

Did you know that most Bridge partnerships are same gender (two men or two women)? In Mixed Pairs, this trend gets mixed up since each partnership must include one man and one woman. Whether it's your regular partnership or you're working with a new partner, come enjoy this fun event.

Fast Pairs

Date: Sunday, 12 November 2017
Time: 1pm
Location: Seattle Bridge Center (map)

In a Fast Pairs game, instead of the usual seven to eight minutes allowed to play each board, the game is set up so that boards must be completed in five minutes. This means you'll get done faster and get home earlier!